5 Most Important Digital Marketing Tools your Automotive Business Should be Using

5 Most Important Digital Marketing Tools your Automotive Business Should be Using

A year on from the global pandemic, many are wondering when things will go back to “normal”. Unfortunately, the Automotive industry may never fully see itself the same. With people still avoiding leaving home and relying heavily on digital services, the time is now to move your dealership online.

Below you will find 5 tools that every automotive dealer should be doing today. With these tools, we’ve seen automotive businesses, big and small, grow drastically.

Google Ads

Google Ads is a system where businesses pay Google to show their ads in the search results. Being on Google ads allows you to bid on search keywords whether it be a model of car you have in stock or a competitor brand.

With so many different models of vehicles and pages and pages on google search, it can be hard to stand out organically. There are only 9 spots on the first page of a google search and over 90% of people don’t go past the first page.

This is where Google Ads can help. Based on the Cost Per Click bidding method Google Ads uses, where you’re charged only when your ad is clicked. Selecting the right search phrases and geographic targeting is a definite way to ensure your business is appearing on the first page.



A website is ultimately your dealership storefront online. It is essential for your customers to do their research and select a product that will serve their needs.

Your website reflects everything about your business and brand. If it looks and feels clunky, chances are the user will depict your business as the same. If it is sleek, fast and easy to use, the user will depict your business as the same.

I-Auto Media have many tools to help your website run to the best of its abilities and view users’ interactions to make adjustments when needed.

Another benefit of having an optimised website is the ability to capture attention organically with search engine optimisation. A smooth-running website with correct keywords in its content will rank higher with Google. Boosting your website on Google search.

Social Media Advertising

We’re all on it, and with Covid-19 limiting us from visiting loved one we are relying on social media more than ever to connect to one another. With people accessing facebook for more than 2 hours every day it is a great way to grab their attention and stay top of mind in their decision-making process.

The benefits of Social Media Advertising include Capturing potential customers, Increase website traffic, and reminds the potential customers of what they have looked at.

Organic Social Media Content

Paid social media marketing is all well and good to be a subliminal message to users, however, it’s not creating a bond with potential customers. Users don’t feel as connected to paid content as they are bombarded with it every day. Building trust, authenticity, and authority with fun, lively organic content. I-Auto Media is here to support your business make connections through content that are sustainable and humanising.

Inventory Advertising

People can buy anything online, from clothes to kitchen sinks. Why not cars. 63% of Australian Facebook users use Facebook for research when buying a car. Facebook is the most direct and cost-effective way for Dealerships to reach a highly targeted, in-market audience at a lower cost than traditional channels. Automotive Inventory Ads (AIAs) are a type of dynamic remarketing ad that’s optimised for people who are in the market for a vehicle, based on their behavior online.