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Our partnership with one of Australia’s leading automotive focused marketing agencies ‘The Marketing Mix’ has now allowed i-Motor to expand the services we provide to you as our client. With 21 years in the field, The Marketing Mix has a vast range of services that we can now provide to you!

We are now a full service, automotive focused marketing agency with industry leading knowledge. Since 1999, our companies together have been strategically aligned to ensure that dealerships and other automotive businesses receive the innovative and measurable marketing to give your business an edge.

Our mission is to provide the simple solution to marketing for automotive dealerships across Australia. We found that dealerships spend too much time dealing with different suppliers to achieve the same goal – driving enquiry and sales!

We’re automotive professionals too. We understand the industry. Our team members have worked in dealerships and on the dealership floor. We speak your language – we’re not trying to “progressively fabricate virtual potentialities” – in fact, we’ll never try and impress you with flow charts and jargon. We build better relationships between dealers and their customers. We use our own experience and knowledge but we are also good listeners.


At i-Auto Media, our team understands the industry and its requirements. We know that dealership managers do not have the time and resources they need to invest into their marketing. This is why we exist. Here’s your team of experts waiting to work for you:


Chris McCarthy


Tony Malby-Luke

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