Television & BVOD

The reach of television is second to none, so no matter who your target audience is, television is one of the best ways to engage your audience through visual and audio experience. Ensuring your brand is aligned with appropriate programming is the key to success of a television campaign.

Broadcast Video On Demand overlays audience data connecting your brand to Australians through trusted and verified on demand catch up content. With your name being on screens of targeted consumers on immersive content, you have their full attention and recognition.

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Cinema is a unique way to communicate with your audience. The uncluttered delivery and captive environment of cinema advertising allows you to tell your story with the distractions of other brands. With 70% of Australia’s population still visiting the cinema in the last 12 months, it holds its place as one of Australia’s favourite pastime activities.

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Radio advertising is a great way to utilise budgets of any size. Whether your business operates in regional or metropolitan areas, radio will get your brand across to a wide audience in a cost effective way.

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Whether you want to advertise in the newspapers, magazines, or journals, i-Auto Media can navigate all forms of print advertising. Our team believes that print still has a place in today’s world, and readership numbers support this. Print media such as newspapers are a trusted source of information. We can also organise PMA Letterbox Drops and all other stationery needs.

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