We are your automotive
marketing specialists.
We’re automotive
experts too.
We understand your industry
and your needs.

We are automotive marketing specialists!

All your marketing needs all under the one roof.

i-Auto Media is all about removing the stress of dealing with multiple suppliers to execute your marketing strategy. Dating back to 1999, i-Motor and The Marketing Mix have been servicing the industry collectively for over 35 years.

Our extensive knowledge of the marketing world, as well as the automotive industry, means that you spend less time worrying about how to find new customers and just deal with the ones who we find for you.

With offices across the country.

Our company is national. With offices in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, we have support teams which are able to assist you.

Not only does this give you a national team of experts, but we understand that no two states in Australia are the same. Market conditions and needs are different right across our beautiful country.

Articles (Blogs)

A year on from the global pandemic, many are wondering when things will go back to “normal”. Unfortunately, the Automotive industry may never fully see itself the same. With people still avoiding leaving home and relying heavily on digital services, the time is now to move your dealership online. Below you will find 5 tools that every automotive dealer should be doing today. With these tools, we’ve seen automotive businesses, big and small, grow drastically.

We are your automotive marketing experts.