Creative Services

Graphic Design

At i-Auto Media, we believe that every campaign should start with the creative concept first before looking into the media placement. Whether your media is digital, mainstream or outdoor, every step of your creative process from the first brief to campaign completion can be handled here at i-Auto Media.

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Creative Direction

We want your campaign to stand out in the market. By analysing and ensuring every aspect of your creative campaign carries a purpose, i-Auto Media can apply tactical creative direction. It requires a careful balance between art direction, design, and strategy. Our team of creatives generate concepts that can ensure that your dealership stands out from the rest of the crowd.

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We take pride in forming the right team to produce tailored content that shares your message as we intend it. Our crews are built from long term relationships and close collaborations with industry professionals from all over Australia. Whether you require drone footage of your dealership, or want to make a big fuss about a particular vehicle that you have in stock, or want to film a complete TV commercial, our team can assist you!

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